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The wasted year of the Panthers and Cardinals.Denver taking a step back this season wasn’t hard to foresee due to losses on the defensive side of the ball and having to hand the offense over to former Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian. But Carolina and Arizona were expected to be just as strong in 2016 and solid picks to meet again in the NFC title game. Neither will even make the playoffs. While Arizona’s window may now be closed with a struggling Carson Palmer reaching advanced NFL age while Larry Fitzgerald contemplates retirement, the Panthers could be more competitive next season.Cheap NFL Jerseys. Well, assuming the NFL stops letting everyone hit Cam Newton in the head.10) The Rams ruin their LA homecoming.Cheap Jerseys China.The country’s second-largest city became an NFL market again for the first time since 1994 as the St Louis Rams went back West. But the 80-year-old franchise performed more like an expansion team. Head coach Jeff Fisher promised no “7-9 bullshit” on HBO’s Hard Knocks only to do then go and do much worse than that. No1 overall pick Jared Goff didn’t get to play until the season was all but lost, and then looked very lost on the field. Todd Gurley said the team had a “middle school” offense, an affront to the many fine middle school teams across our land.Wholesale Jerseys. And then Fisher finally got fired days after his latest contract extension was announced to the press. If the Rams were a typical Los Angeles production, they would have been cancelled after three weeks.

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