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The Eagles go all-in on Carson Wentz.After ending the Chip Kelly experiment a year ago, the Eagles decided to re-mortgage their future by trading with Cleveland for the No2 pick in the draft to take North Dakota State product Carson Wentz. Discount NFL Jerseys.A month into this season, the decision looked great. Since then? A lot of regression.While Wentz’s play has to have many Eagles fans worried, it’s hard to get a fair read on a guy who is surrounded by the mostly talent-free roster that Kelly left behind. If Wentz does ultimately turn out to be a bust, Cleveland trading out of the No2 spot will go down as their only win of 2016.8) Tom Brady’s suspension.Roger Goodell finally won his two-year battle against ball deflation when a federal appeals court upheld Tom Brady’s four-game suspension back in April.Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys. Except Brady returned to a 3-1 team, instantly made them better, had one of his finest statistical seasons, ran away with the AFC East again, locked up a 1st Round bye in the playoffs and is the odds-on favorite to win league MVP. It’s a definite possibility that the commissioner will hand the Lombardi Trophy to Brady and the Patriots in February.Cheap China Jerseys. Even when Goodell wins, he is a complete and total loser.


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