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While the NFL prioritizes sportsmanship every year, the specific act of punching is not among the points of emphasis the league publicized earlier this summer.Cheap NFL Jerseys.But as former vice president of officiating Mike Pereira noted in August, it seems clear that punching and/or fighting has been placed high atop the early-season initiatives. It appears the NFL has even expanded the scope of a punch beyond what we would normally assume.Great numbers for Sunday’s games could make all this hand-wringing moot for themultibillion-dollar enterprise that is the NFL.Cheap Jerseys.But until the storm moves on and the ratings come out, there’s plenty of room to speculate and no doubt some advertisers, networks, owners and league executives being a bit on edge.

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Many are keeping a close watch on NFL ratings because pro football viewership — long largely immune to audience declines that have hit practically everything else in media — sank 8 percent last season compared to 2015.Wholesale Jerseys.It’s worth noting that the decline was 14 percent during the first nine weeks of the 2016 season, which coincided with presidential election and the Cubs’ historic World Series title run, both attention-grabbers likely siphoning off interest.The year-to-year drop was only 1 percent over the final eight weeks of the season, significant because the 2015 numbers to which 2016’s are held up were the NFL’s best in a decade.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Everything from the length of games to quality of the matchups and quality of justice for players from the league office has been suggested as blameworthy along with the idea that the few players not standing for the national anthem in protest soured America on the NFL.

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