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Cheap China Jerseys.The Redskins’ strength was their talent in the passing game, from receivers to the quarterback and the pass protection. But if they lose both Jackson and Garcon, they’d be losing their two starting receivers who both gained more than 1,000 yards. Crowder, who finished with 847 yards, is an excellent slot receiver, but they’d need two new starters on the outside. Doctson should fill one of those spots, but that assumes his Achilles finally will be healthy and that he can actually play at the NFL level.NFL Jerseys China. He was their No. 1 receiver on the board last year, a guy they had rated as a top-10 pick. The Redskins still like Grant, but he hasn’t shown in games that he can be anything other than a depth guy who can help as a blocker and the occasional catch. Both Garcon and Jackson do things others can’t. With Garcon, it’s the ability to make tough catches and play with violence – and he’s excellent at running intermediate routes thanks to his ability to create space off cuts. Jackson is fast and scares defenses. Harris is intriguing because of his height, but he, too, is viewed as a depth guy and not a future starter.NFL Jerseys Cheap.

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