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Authentic Football Jerseys .Is it time to replace Alex Smith? The Chiefs have given no indication they’re ready to move on from their starting quarterback of four seasons. But Smith, who turns 33 in May, might have taken the Chiefs as far as he can. He had a career low for a full season with 15 touchdown passes in 2016 as his passing in the red zone was particularly subpar. End-zone interceptions against the Buccaneers and Titans were the key plays in games that wound up as two-point losses.Cheap Jerseys From China . The Chiefs signed veteran Nick Foles last summer. He was drafted by Andy Reid when he coached the Eagles. Foles, who threw 27 touchdown passes with two interceptions for the Eagles in 2013, might be able to take the Chiefs to a place that Smith couldn’t. He might better help the Chiefs maximize what they get from their receivers, including Jeremy Maclin, who had a down season. The veteran safety had one of his best NFL seasons. He ignited a fourth-quarter comeback in November against the Panthers with an interception and a spectacular return for a touchdown that included two spin moves on his way to the end zone.Cheap Authentic Jerseys Sale.

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