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Cheap Football Jerseys Sale.The Steelers’ offense resided in scoring territory all night, reaching the red zone four times and the Chiefs’ 25-yard line or closer seven times thanks to a nearly 400-yard attack. It scored no touchdowns on those drives despite another dominant day from Bell. The Chiefs’ red zone defense was tremendous and the Steelers couldn’t beat it.So the Steelers went pure survival mode, methodically moving downfield for 3s and letting the defense do the rest.On that fourth-quarter drive, the Chiefs had as many fourth-down conversions as they did third-down conversions Sunday (2).Authentic Football Jerseys . Everything happened on that drive, from broken plays to helmet shots to several goal-line stands.Winners of nine straight, the Steelers seem to understand what it takes to win in January.This game was eerily similar to their Week 15 win in Cincinnati, with Boswell also connecting on six field goals.And now it’s on to New England.Cheap Authentic Jerseys Sale.


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